Mexican Thumb Wrestler’s Freezer Fiesta

Mexican Thumb Wrestlers

Once upon a time I made Mexican Thumb Wrestlers from a rubber glove. Eventually they started to melt. Now they live in my freezer. Occasionally, deep in the night during the witching hours when good folks are all fast asleep, if you open the freezer door at the right time, you might catch them having an Igloo rave. These are the sort of jams you might hear.

MP3: Sandy y Papo – Mueve, Mueve | Buy

MP3: Proyecto Uno – Latinos | Buy

MP3: Sandy y Papo – La Hora de Bailar | Buy

MP3: Lorna & La Factoria – Papi Chulo | Buy

MP3: El General – Samba Hey Magdalena | Buy

MP3: Busy Signal – Up Inna Belly | Buy

MP3: Busy Signal ft Elvis Crespo – Suavemente (FMI Remix) | Buy

3 responses to “Mexican Thumb Wrestler’s Freezer Fiesta

  1. where can we get these songs yo?

  2. You just right click on the links and save as. word!

  3. Nice! Bringing me bac old memories

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