Who is Janini Panini?

janine in japan
Contrary to what the name suggests, Janini Panini, does not like bread. In fact she loaves, ahem, loathes it. Ms Panini was raised on a steady diet of stone fruit, corn and banana lollies and after a night of total and utter, wild ear-responsibility (like ear of corn – see what I did there?), she was shipped off to Australia.

As the sole bloggess of the Stolen Records Skrillionaires empire and producer extraordinaire, Janini Panini is an integral part of the team as she adds a much-needed female voice to this all-male, sausage fest boys club. From ‘Sample Snitching’ to gig guides, international guests with the occasional drop, Ms Panini puts her heart into producing the show as if she was directing her own Lifetime movie.

Aside from blogging her heart out and producing for all that it is worth, Janini is currently renewing her love for ice cream and she is considering adding another food to her palate. Choosing the perfect flavour has brought on an epic discussion which has started the battle of ice cream wits between her and DJ Mike Who?. Despite what Mike Who? says, he is losing this battle and is down 1-3 (he gained that 1 point on a rum and raisin technicality).

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