Mike Who?

Mike Who?: Stolen Records Contributor

One half of Stolen Records massive, and the shows unofficial ambassador for music from the South American continent.

Mike who was born close to a volcano. He was raised on a healthy diet of Sicilian olives, cheap cordial and tangerines.

Considered the 17th best watchmaker in his rural neighbourhood. Mike has since adapted these immense life skills and cosmopolitan upbringing to now be recognised as the king of unnecessary pull ups and inappropriate music.

Championing sounds from around the globe, this impressive young gentlemen has built a reputation for heaving club sets, Much loved Mixtapes and holding down turntable duties on FBi Radio’s Stolen Records. You will also occasionally hear him laughing at in jokes, ranting about ice cream or  checking Shantan on his  pronounciation.

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/mike-who
Twitter: @whoismikewho
Facebook: DJ MIKE WHO
Do You Want More?: More blog posts by Mike Who?

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