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Millie Hall’s Dirty Valentine Cards

Millie Hall's Valentine Cards

A true romantic at heart (or some may say creep), Millie likes to be creative when trying to catch the attention of a desirable young man. Saying hello is just too conventional (or some might say too confronting). To create intrigue and an air of mystery that a man can not resist, try crafting your own hotel matchbox with the words “Light My Fire” and just your phone number on it, then wait for your opportunity to place it in the bicycle spokes of that hot Surry Hills hipster you have been wanting to talk to. Guaranteed they’ll call (with a restraining order).

Millie is not selfish with her creative works of love. She wants to help you with your love making too. She is selling these cards on this site here or they also available at Surry Hills vintage clothing store Dear Pluto for only $6 each.

Download: Notorious B.I.G. – Me & My Bitch

Podcast: Last year’s Valentine Special with Aloe Blacc and Maya Jupiter

Sunday Best: Hau vs Ichiban Soundclash w/ Sonny Syah Performing Live at Ching-a-lings

Hauie Beast vs Shantan Wantan Ichiban
My photoshop skills just keep getting better. This Sunday I am soundclashing Hau a.k.a. Hauie Beast (Koolism/triple j hip hop show) in a Euro trance showdown. Plus one of the best rappers to have never release anything, Sonny Syah will be performing earlier on. He just plays live, because releasing music is for sell outs. Be-lee-dat!

Listen: Koolism – Turning Back | from ‘The Uma’

Also here are some tracks from Sonny’s unreleased, unfinished album ‘The Envelope: An Audio Motion Picture’. He plays different characters in a story of an Envelope that changes hands. I don’t think it will ever be released, so I might as well put up a couple of tracks here.

Download: Sonny Syah – The Watch Out ft Fame (Unfinished Version)

Listen: Sonny Syah – The Incident ft Mr Clean & 13th Son (Unfinished Version)

Listen: Sonny Syah – The Long Ride ft Just Enuff of Spit Syndicate (Unfinished Version)

Sample Snitching: Linda Lyndell and Salt N Pepa’s Whatta Man

stolen records pendant
Our sample snitching prizes have just been getting better and better. Here our uber-hot producer, Janine models our exclusive, one of a kinda Stolen Records Skrillionaire’s Pendant. Win our weekly pick the sample competition and you could be rocking so much ice it looks like you survived a snow blizzard. Jacob the Jeweler eat your heart out.

Download: Linda Lyndell – What A Man | Buy Me

Download: Salt N Pepa ft En Vogue – Whatta Man | Buy Me

Kanye West Paper Craft | Watch The Throne Listening Party At The Beach

kanye west, washington, kings of leon, muse, sia, cee-lo paper craft doll
kanye west paper craft doll
kanye west, washington, kings of leon, muse, sia, cee-lo paper craft doll

What did you do today at work? This is the product of an Arts & Crafty day we had a triple j before the Hottest 100. You to can write off the rest of your work day. Just download and print out the paper doll below. Something for you to do while you listen to this ‘Watch the Throne’ record.

Listen: Jay-Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild ft. Frank Ocean

Listen: Jay-Z & Kanye West – Lift Off ft Beyonce

Listen: Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris

Purchase it: Get Watch The Throne

Click on Ye to download PDF…

kanye west paper craft doll pdf