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Video: Busdriver – Niggas In Paris and Shutterbug Freestyle

WATCH THIS! Busdriver did this freestyle on the show late last year. Possibly the best freestyle we have had on the show since Aceyalone paid us a visit. There is something about those West Coast underground rappers and insane freestyle flows.

Download: Busdriver – Niggas In Paris / Shutterbug Freestyle

Listen: Busdriver – Kev’s Blistering Computer Tan and Driver’s “Rapper’s Rapper” Monkier

Video: Jus Allah of Jedi Mind Tricks and Outerspace Freestyle live on FBi Radio

Rapping time with Just Allah of Jedi Mind Tricks and Outerspace. Yay!

Listen: Jedi Mind Tricks – Razorblade Salvation

Listen: Jedi Mind Tricks – Godzilla ft Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah, Celph Titled, Apathy, Planetary & King Magnetic

Rest In Peace Heavy D

Heavy D
He went pop, but was still well respect among his peers in hip hop. Just listen to the ‘Friends & Respect’ interlude below where everybody from Kool G Rap to Buju Banton to KRS One to Queen Latifah talk with so such admiration about Heavy D even before he passed. Rest In Peace to the overweight lover. Such good memories of doing running man and trying to suck face with girlies to your music.

Download: Heavy D & The Boyz – Nuttin But Love

Download: Heavy D & The Boyz ft Guru, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Rob-O & Third Eye – A Buncha Niggas

Download: Naughty By Nature – Ready For Dem ft Heavy D

Download: Heavy D & The Boyz – This Is Your Night

Download: Heavy D & The Boyz – Friends & Respect (Interlude)


Early 90s R&B and Hip Hop Mix by Stolen Records

Ellesquire’s Statik Selectah Freestyle on FBi Radio

P Major is really nice on production so I think it is understandable that I thought this Statik Selectah beat was another one of his. Here are some tracks that he did produce for Sydney rapper Ellesquire on his album Ready

Listen: Ellesquire – On The Prowl

Listen: Ellesquire – Ferociousness ft Tenth Dan

Listen: Ellesquire – Let’s Do It ft Joel Rapaport

Download: Full show with Ellesquire Interview and other goodies

P Smurf freestyle with Kween G on Stolen Records

Kween G again in take over mode, while I was overseas. P Smurf of Daily Meds and the Big Village Massive popped by the studio. Not wanting to rap on his lonesome, the Kween dropped a verse or two with Mr Smurf. Watch out!

Listen: Daily Meds – Mirage | Buy Me

Listen: KillaQueenz – Mash Up The Show (West Lab Remix) | Buy Me

Download: KillaQueenz – Mash Up The Show (Stolen Records – Red Alert Riddim Remix)

Pssstt… whatever. Old man Shantan did his share of rapping in his days. Not particularly amazing, but the words rhymed.
Bliss N Eso Live Performance on Stolen Records (circa 2007) by Stolen Records

Video: Shaggy Live Radio Freestyle on FBi Radio

A little while ago, Shaggy was in the country to celebrate his 42nd birthday. It was a promotion for 42 Below Vodka, where if you e-stalk Shaggy on twitter and mob him in the streets when he checks into locations around Sydney, you could win an invite to his party at Good God.

Now though Shaggy’s performance at the party was a lot of fun, he mostly played other peoples songs, hyped them up, and then got the crowd to sing a few of his tracks. It was a good party, but in the end Shaggy did more actual singing on our radio show than anywhere else in Australia.

You may know the pop star Shaggy, but here you’ll witness an amazing dancehall artist in action.

MP3: Shaggy ft Rayvon – Big Up (Could You Be Loved Riddim) | Buy

MP3: Fresh Rose – Pon U Matie (Could You Be Loved Riddim)

MP3: Shaggy ft Rayon – Big Up (Hip Hop Mix) Buy

Podcast: Listen to entire show including full Shaggy interview and freestyle

The Folkes Brothers vs Shaggy – ‘Oh Carolina’

This is another one that you may not know was a cover, Shaggy’s version of The Folkes Brother’s ‘Oh Carolina’. The original was released in 1960 and was a landmark single in the development of reggae and ska music. It was reworked by Shaggy in 1993 and became an international mega hit.

We thought we would put it up here, because we have the fantastic, romantic, boombastic lover Shaggy in the studio this Wednesday so we can celebrate his birthday with fairy bread and chocolate crackles, and ask him questions like ‘Why does he sound drunk on each one of his tracks?’

Download: The Folkes Brothers – Oh Carolina | Buy

Party Yo: Get tickets to Shaggy’s 42nd b-day party at Good God

Bliss N Eso Live Semi-Freestyle Rapping (circa 2007)

I think this one was 2007. That is my guess. Bliss N Eso swing by the studio for some titty fart bum bum rhymes. Later some of these verses were released as part of songs on albums. Check out Bliss N Eso’s new LP ‘Running On Air’. Whenever I hear the title of the new album Joey Scarbury’s ‘Believe It Or Not (I’m Walking On Air)’ plays in my head.

Bliss N Eso Live Performance on Stolen Records (circa 2007) by Stolen Records

Tongue Freestyles and talks on Dudley Perkins collabo

Alternative Energy! New album from the The Tongue. He has cooked up some radcore shit. With production from Dizz1, El Gusto and M-Phazes, collabos with Ngaiire, Urthboy, Gift of Gab and Joyride, and The Tongue being a pretty alright rapper himself, we have a recipe for awesomeness. It is out September 10. You may be inclined to purchase it.

MP3: The Tongue – Innervisions ft Gift of Gab

Listen: Full interview and freestyle with The Tongue

Delta and Mojo the Cinematic Freestyle

Young DeltaNiceness. It was about a year ago when Adelaide’s Delta and New York’s Mojo the Cinematic (of Dujeous) came by the studio for a little chit chatter and some live freestyles. Total murderation.

Delta and Mojo the Cinematic Freestyle on Stolen Records by Stolen Records

Bonus Listening: Delta ft Mojo The Cinematic – The Greater Good

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