Mirrah and Zig: Rap and Racialism

How do you react to racism? Anger, humour or ignoring it? I’ve called somebody a ‘Corey Worthington’ as the only thing I could think of close to being as insulting as a truly racist remark.

We talk with Mirrah and her husband, Zig, about racialism in Australia. One of things she says reminds me of the scene in ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil‘ where the blind character Richard Pryor is playing discovers he is ‘black’. “Does Dad know?”.

Look out for Mirrah’s new mixtape, ‘Life Love Music’, and let us know your experiences.

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2 responses to “Mirrah and Zig: Rap and Racialism

  1. Yeah i usually get angry and violent. and yes it always seems to happen on public transport.

  2. xoxo I totally am in love with Justin Bieber!

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