El Gusto of Hermitude Mix (Circa 2009)

Hermitude with Urthboy and Jane Tyrell at the Stolen Records Gala Ball

Hermitude with Urthboy and Jane Tyrell at our first Stolen Records Gala Ball

From the archive this is a mix that El Gusto played on the show close to a year ago. Was listening to it the other day and was thinking it is still pretty awesome. Sharing is caring. Expect some bumping hip hop, some wobbliness, dubstep bangers and brass band covers of your favourite gangsta rap classics. Don’t stop! Get it! Get it!

Meanwhile, El Gusto has been tearing up shows and beating off hordes of sex crazed groupies all around Europe as he performs with the likes of Urthboy, Jane and Horrorshow.

El Gusto (Hermitude) Mix on Stolen Records (2-9-2009) by Stolen Records

E-stalk Hermitude: Myspace | Facebook | Elefant Traks

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