Cypress Hill Australian Tour 2010

Cypress Hill will be touring throughout Oz in September. The first Latino group to go platnium and multi-platnium world-wide. In April 2010, the group released ‘Rise Up’ after a six year hiatus from 2004 album ‘Til Death Do Us Part’.

As some may know, California are going to the ballots this November. Cypress Hill has teamed up with organisations for a national reform of marijuana laws in support of Prop 19. A number of Democratic Representatives, libertarians and activists also support Prop 19.

As stated on their MySpace:
Prop 19 would allow adults 21+ the right to buy marijuana for recreational use, and cause it to be taxed just like alcohol.  If passed, this would be a HUGE step forward in the fight to end marijuana prohibition. Our government can generate between $12-18 billion in tax revenue, save over $200 million in law enforcement costs, and create between 60-80k new jobs.

Dates: Thurs 23 Sept in Melb; Friday 24 Sept in Syd (Enmore Theatre); Sat 25 Sept in Gosford; Tuesday 26 Sept in Adel; Wednesday 29 in Perth and Friday Oct 1 in Bris.

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