Sample Snitching: The Icemen – My Girl (She’s A Fox)

Young Jimi Hendrix

Oh this is not The Icemen. It's a young Jimi with Wilson Pickett from 1966

This little 7″ single and possibly the group that made this track, may have been totally forgotten if not for the fact they employed a young James Marshall (a.k.a. Jimi Hendrix) to play guitar on this song. Between touring with Curtis Knight and the Squires, James was doing a bit of session work for King Curtis. Out of these sessions came songs for King Curtis himself, Lonnie Youngblood, Jimmy Normans and this one for The Icemen – a soul duo made up of James Stokes and Gino Armstrong.

This track was sampled on both Amy Winehouse and John Legend records in 2007. Coincidence? Maybe they picked up the same Jimi Hendrix – The Early Years compilation.

Download: The Icemen – My Girl She’s A Fox

Download: Amy Winehouse – He Can Only Hold Her | iTunes

Download: John Legend – Slow Dance | iTunes

Here is a tidbit from old school UK rapper, Funky DL’s mixtape ‘Back to Rap’, where he raps on beats that sample Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’. Get the mixtape here

Download: Funky DL – What She Running From

One response to “Sample Snitching: The Icemen – My Girl (She’s A Fox)

  1. Read about this Hendrix track and who The Icemen were in the book “Becoming Jimi Hendrix” (Da Capo Press, 2010).

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