Cover Up: Barrett Strong, Gloria Jones & George Clinton

DJ GrannyYou know when you discover the original of a track that you didn’t realise was a cover? Here are two examples of said type of tracks; Gloria Jones’ ‘Tainted Love’ and  Barrett Strong’s ‘Money’. Both are totally rad, but both have been totally overshadowed by their later covers.

The Gloria Jones track was originally recorded in 1965 and covered by Soft Cell in 1981. While the Barrett Strong tune has been covered by a shitload of artists, but The Flying Lizard’s version is the one you will see on rage and being played in indie bars.  Enjoy!

Download: Gloria Jones – Tainted Love | Buy

Download: Barrett Strong – Money (That’s What I Want) | Buy

Bonus Track: George Clinton – Erotic City (Prince Cover) | Buy

2 responses to “Cover Up: Barrett Strong, Gloria Jones & George Clinton

  1. thats pretty cool… although i thought erotic city was covered by george clinton himself parliament had been reformed as funkadelic (and broken up by 1994 when it was covered)cool read/listen 🙂

  2. Oh yeah you are probably right. i might change that so i look less stupid!

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