Karma Karma Karma Chameleon

Our neighbours must think us rather strange. One moment it is Project Pat, then Surf Rock, UK Funky, The Strokes, some old soul, SWV and now my flatmate has been pumping Bollywood through our apartment block. The track above is the gem he is addicted to.

Oh so… FBi 94.5 FM, a Sydney radio station that we do a show at is drawing to the end of it’s supporter drive. The theme this year is Instant Karma, and if you heard our show on Wednesday you would have heard us getting into the spirit with a big mix of Bhangra. If you are a regular listener and have been considering signing up, now is the time to do it with so many prizes up for grabs. Head to the fbiradio.com fore more details.

MP3: Jay-Z – Is That Your Bitch? (Raj Star’s Jai Hov Remix)

MP3: Ms Scandalous – Aaja Soneya | Buy

MP3: Elephant Man – Belly Dance (Hindu Riddim) | Buy

MP3: Elephant Man – Calm Dem Down (Boy George Cover)

One response to “Karma Karma Karma Chameleon

  1. any chance you can post up the link with Lil waynes A Mili you played in the bollywood segment? Luv’d that shiit! Have had to make do playing it on my mobile phone which I used to record while driving!

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