Yo, stop looking at my moms!

“Damn, shorty! Yo momma so fly, she should be a pilot.”
The Astronomical Kid ain’t playing and he don’t like your eyes, your lines and just because he’s a shorty don’t mean he won’t do no harm. Yo, y’all need to just stop looking at his moms!

Naww, but really how cute is he? He’s just trying to protect his beautiful mother… sigh…

Oh, so here are some other kiddie rappers we like…
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MP3: 2 Low – Growing Up Ain’t Easy
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MP3: Another Bad Creation – Playground | Buy

One response to “Yo, stop looking at my moms!

  1. Video response to Stop Looking at my Mom by the Astronomical Kid. The come back is titled “I’m Looking at Your Mom” and it is by Blanco Deuce, a Hip Hop group from Staten Island, NYC.

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