‘Good Gravy’ or ‘Ay Caramba’ at Chingalings

Starting from Sunday December 18, we are doing a semi-weekly afternoon/evening sort of night at Chingalings. We haven’t agreed on the name. It is either ‘Good Gravy’ or ‘Ay Caramba’ but the theme of the doo is ‘awesome’. What do you guys play? Awesome! It will be Sonny Syan and I, just spinning things we like. Everything including Surf Rock, 60s Soul, Bhangra, Hip Hop, 80s Pop, Rockabilly and more. Chingalings has that outside bit so it should be nice. Swing by if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

When: Sunday, December 18. 5pm till 10pm
Where: Ching a Lings, 133 Oxford St
Free Entry

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