Oh I’ve Been To Tokyo Too

japanese people can sleep anywhere

Sleep standing outside Shinjuku Station. Proof the Japanese can nap anywhere.

Brisky Laser Guns

Brisky Lazer Guns. One of the all girl groups I saw at a night called Girls Power.

Animal Work

There is not an object that can't be converted into a cute animal. Council workers any where else would find this equipment too emasculating. Imagine trying to wolf whistle at a girl, while leaning on one of these.

goocy in harajuku

Much like how African Americans have reclaimed the 'N-Word'.


キノコホテル (Kinoko Hotel)

キノコホテル (Kinoco Hotel). An all girl Japanese Garage Rock band.

The Best Bang

Woah! Really putting it out there dude. I hope you can back it up.

Japan. Crazy, huh? I hear they sell orphan babies in vending machines and Hello Kitty is President. I went there once. These are some of the photos I took on my brother’s shitty camera before it’s battery ran out and I couldn’t recharge it. Some of them are even semi in focus.

I was at an all girls rock night in Shinjuku and was having one of those “I’m spending way much money” moments. In hindsight I should have bought one of the CD’s these Kinoco Hotel girls were peddling, but in lieu of having some of their music to share, I have posted something of a similar vain.

The’s, are probably the best known of the Japanese all girl Garage Rock bands. Their music is reminiscent of American Surf Rock, Rockabilly and Garage Rock, they also cameo in Kill Bill and they can’t sing L’s. I Ruv You!

MP3: The’s – Jane In The Jungle | iTunes

MP3: The’s – Dream Boy | iTunes

Looking for Tokyo nightlife? Other than asking in record stores, Metropolis and Time Out Tokyo is a great start. And for fantastic food options and a couple of ultra trendy hipster bars follow Fashimi on her super hot and cute blog and twitter.

Update: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Meltdowns and now possible Volcanic activity. You should help out at least just a little. Donate at redcross.org or redcross.org.au

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