Sample Snitching: Sweet Sable – Old Time’s Sake

These photos were too funny not to blog. A while ago an old friend of mine, Astrid posted these shots on her facebook. Yes that is me in the orange Lowes jumper performing at Eastgarden’s shopping centre. With lyrics like “It ain’t easy being on social security. So they consider me, a burden to society”, I was an instant hit amongst local shoppers that flocked with groceries in hand.

Adidas and Nike jumpers, awful undercuts with long fringes, high waisted jeans, but I think what makes these photo collages so perfect is Astrid’s Catholic School Girl meets Graffiti style of writing. Awesome to the power of infinity plus one.

Competition: What were you wearing in the 90s?

Send your photos to and I will repay you with a signed and framed photo of Janet Jackson or Aaron Hall much like this one from MC Hammer and take you out to dinner or something.

MP3: Sweet Sable – Old Time’s Sake | Yahoo Music

MP3: Overproof – Old Time’s Sake | Download Bad News Mixtape

MP3: Eddie Kendricks – Intimate Friends | iTunes

Extra Nostalgic Jams
MP3: Ahmad – Back In The Day | iTunes

MP3: Shai – Waiting For The Day | iTunes

MP3: Jodeci – Success | iTunes

MP3: Foxy Brown – If I | iTunes

MP3: Pegz – Back Then | iTunes

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