Rest In Peace Aaliyah…

My gosh! Songs like these were just so ahead of their time. I grew up with Aaliyah. I had a little R&B/Hip Hop song that we had written to the Back N Forth Instrumental, and used to perform at Under 18 Parties way back in the days.

Aaliyah would be my age now, and was always a celebrity crush of mine. Today it is 10 years since she was lost to the world. Rest in Peace.

Here are some remixes of her stuff that I think are actually good.

Download: Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody (Brenton Duvall Remix)

Download: Vula – Rock The Boat (Aaliyah Cover)

One response to “Rest In Peace Aaliyah…

  1. That remix of Are You That Somebody is so very, very good. She was a celebrity crush of mine too! 😦

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