Spank Rock | Car Song ft Santigold | Nasty ft Big Freedia

spank rock being spanked
They were like a gate way drug. Spank Rock made it okay for indie kids to like sexually explicit, misogynistic party music. At first it was only an ironic love, but maybe now it has have given way to a more genuine enjoyment for music that makes you dumber with each listen. So after a little while away making Italo Disco, Spank Rock finally have a new record, Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar, which should be out later this month. Here are the first tracks to make their way to the interwebs. We have Bike Song the sequel and another tune about ass and titties? Thoughts?

Car Song feat. Santigold by Spank Rock

Nasty feat. Big Freedia & Tyette by Spank Rock

Download: Spank Rock ft Amanda Blank – Bump (Ghislain Poirier Remix)

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