Murs | 316 Ways | 67 Cutless | International | + Pics

Photos by Averie Harvey

Murs is one of my favourite rappers, and also a really swell guy. I had him on the show years ago when I was doing late nights, and he was still Def Juxing it. I ended up freestyling with him on air, and he dissed every gangsta rapper in the industry by name. Talking about who he would like to fight one on one. If only Scott Burns didn’t steal, then lose that recording. These are pics from his more recent visit, and some new music from him. Make sure you cop Murs & Ski Beatz: Love & Rockets Vol. 1 (The Transformation)

Listen: Murs – 316 Ways | Buy His Stuff

Listen: Murs – 67 Cutless | Buy His Stuff

Listen: Murs – International | Buy His Stuff

And an oldie that I really love..

Listen: Murs – Done Deal ft 3mg | Buy His Stuff

Podcast: Murs Covers Ice Cube & more

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