Riff Raff ft Kid Sister – Hide N Seek (Prod. Sinden & 5kinAndBone5)

Shantan Wantan Ichiban
Remember when kids would say let’s play hide n seek, but never come looking for you?

One time after school my so called friends at the time, where like “let’s play ‘blindman’s bluff'” (I think it was called). Basically it is played in a restricted area where one kid is blind folded and has to catch the non-blind folded kids.

It was decided I would be in, so they blind folded me, but instead of sticking around to play they sneaked off and went home. There I am shuffling around the playground blind folded by myself, looking for these kids that weren’t there.

George and Jason, if I ever bump into you again I will stab you in the eye with my pinky.

Download: Riff Raff ft Kid Sister – Hide N Seek (Prod. Sinden & 5kinAndBone5)

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