Reguladors…. Mount Up!

Cali got gun play! Salsa on a Monday! Mamis sayin Ichi give me one more dance!

When too much animal print is barely enough!

Parar! Revivir! Sobrevivir!

direct me where ever you want, mami

Towards the end of my trip in Latin America I started to pick up a bit of Spanish, but all round I was pretty pathetic. Even so, I found when you didn’t know the Spanish word for something, you could just add an ‘O’ or an ‘A’ or a ‘ones’ to the end of the English word and you may end up with the right word in Spanish.

¿Cuál es el nombre de este…ah.. musica… umm… artista?

These are some photos from Cali in Colombia. I found it funny that traffic police in Cali are called “Reguladors”. I am easily amused.

Download: Warren G ft Nate Dogg – RegulateRock (JSTAR REMIX)

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