Pineapple Pancakes With Congo Tardis

Congo Tardis is the love triangle of Melbourne Tastemakers, Producers and Dj’s Ms Butt, Paz and Lewis CanCut.  Together they throw rad parties in Melbourne that serve up a hot plate of  left of centre sounds rooted in tropical goodness.  Their first EP has just been released to the masses and features three extremely big tunes  ready for open minded Dancefloors.

Get acquainted below and follow the buy link on this tropical heat.

Listen: Congo Tardis-Wild ‘n’ Ready FT Damajah| Buy

Listen: Congo Tardis-Doala (Faux Pas remix)| Buy

Listen: Congo Tardis- Sweet Lime FT Marawa the Amazing | Buy

Oh yeah any Melbourne fam should definatly get down to the launch of this EP at The Croft Institute come Friday Feb 4th. Details right herrreee..Congo Tardis #1 EP Launch

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