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Photos: Hip Hop Halloween at Goodgod

Photos by Robin Hearfield

For one night only we resurrected three hip hop greats. Using the bodies of Sydney DJ’s Bad Ezzy, Shantan Wantan Ichiban and Levins as hosts, we opened up a portal to the spirit world and brought back – Left Eye, Eazy E and MCA (mad scientist version from the Intergalactic video – too soon) for EXCLUSIVE DJ sets.

Too many shots. Not enough food in stomach. Dark sunglasses in a dark club. All factors which contributed to one of the most ram shackled mixes I have ever done. Fortunately I think everyone else was too drunk to notice at our very loose Hip Hop Halloween Party.

If your memory is as hazy as mine, maybe these pictures will help you piece together this very spooky, very trashy night.

Download: Eazy-E – Real Muthafuckin Gz

Sample Snitching: I’d Rather Be Bootsy Collins

One of the greatest bass guitarists of all time. Possibly THE greatest. He worked with James Brown, Parliament and Funkadelic, and according to my flatmate he invented bass rhythms that would later become the basis of 90s hip hop. Ol’ Gregg gives us the back story about how he got the funk, and here are a couple of rappers that tried to sample some of that sweet milky funk juice.

MP3: Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You (1976) | Buy

2 Pac – I Rather Be Ya Nigga ft. Richie Rich (1996) | Buy

N.W.A. – I’d Rather Fuck You ft. CPO (1991) | Buy