Wiley’s Zip Folder Giveaway Bonanza… Our Favs!

So a week or two ago Wiley had a bit of a spaz and decided to put up all his unreleased material online in about 10 separate zip files, including an album which he just signed a deal for. I been working my way through the zips, and thought I would share some of the gems I found amoungst all the half finished tracks.

One of the standouts is ‘Georgeous Girl’, where Wiley gets his Shakespeare on with lines like “She had eyes like Granny Smith apples”. Breath taking!

Wiley ft. J2K, Mz Bratt & Brazen – Runway

MP3: Wiley ft. Rinse, Ice Kid & Mike Skinner – Don’t Hide Away

MP3: Wiley ft. Kano & Chipmunk – Hello People

MP3: Wiley ft. Diesel & Charlie Brown – Georgeous Girl

Bonus: Wiley and Skepta talk to Shantan Wantan Ichiban

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