Introducing ZZK

A few years back Buenos Aires Label/club night and Artist agency ZZK provided me with my first taste into the relms of Digital Cumbia.  As a label ZZK have continually pushed forward thinking  Global bass and tropical vibes. Their Roster is on point  and if i do say so myself their artwork is always impressive. The roots of ZZK lie in South America but their sound has spread throughout the world undoubtly influencing global bass and electronic producers worldwide. I’m really hoping i get the chance to check one of the much hyped Zizek club nights when i roll through Buenos Aires later in the year. Do yourselves a favour and get familiar with the label here ZZK.

Here are some tunes/remixes from a variety of the ZZK roster that have been staples for me. I’m going to have to start a club night when i make it back to Sydney so i can one day get a chance to play some of these tunes louder than my shitty home stereo.

MP3:  Poirier feat Boogat- Kalima Shop Titi (El Remolón Remix)

MP3: Fuana- Los Piratas del Zajon

MP3: Frikstalkers- Baile Frik (Original Mix)

MP3: La Yegros- Trocitos

MP3: Mostro- Super Guachin Remix

MP3:  Niña Dioz & Li Saumet – La Cumbia Prohibida (Prod. by El Remolón & Villa Diamante)

Oh yeah here is an awesome video from Argentinean tele which  is the main reason i wrote this whole post.

One response to “Introducing ZZK

  1. omg! those boobs. but the song is really good if you ask me.

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