Emotional Walking Music

My Friday just got 300 percent better stumbling across this Christmas mix by Lowbee on soundcloud. There will be haters  as yes this mix is hella soft and has heaps of shit cheesy songs. But and i say But listen  it’s Killer…It’s a journey through an “endless sea of gentle grooves” as LowBee puts it and anyone willing to make a tape like this is funny and awsome.  For anyone that doesn’t know Lowbee, aka Lowbeezy the other half of the now infamous Hollertronix  crew with Diplo and all round Dope Philly Party DJ  get familiar with some of his other more serious and club vibes here..Lowbee

P.s  Shantan don’t hate me for posting this.

Here are Two of my Favourite jams off the mix Freeloads..woooo.

MP3:  The Doobie brothers- What a fool believes

MP3: Fleetwood Mac- Everywhere

Happy long walks on the beach…

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