Sky’High – Don Dada | Look At Me Now

As much as she has been lacking in manners the last time or so she came by the studio, Sky’high’s new stuff is pretty nice. For those unacquainted, Sky is semi a representative of the searcher/adlay culture in Sydney. Kinda like our version of a ‘chav’, you will see lads wearing Nike hats and shorts, air max, nautica polos, talking in pig latin and generally being a nuisance. Their fearless leader, Sky has been making big moves, working with New Zealand hit maker P Money. Here are some of their tunes…

Download: Sky’high – Look At Me Now

Download: Sky’high – Don Dada

And here are a couple of oldies from her mixtape “Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, Something New: Volume 2”.

Download: Sky’high – Peace Of Mind

Download: Sky’high – Time Goes By

Oh and here is Sky on the show, maybe a year ago…

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