Photos: Badonkadonk at Goodgod Small Club

Guerrilla Photography by Robin Hearfield

Giving Jenny Craig a run for their money. It was like if Zumba had a cousin on crack. We are calling it Zumbaton. It is the latest sweaty dance work out, which we tested out at Goodgod for Badonkadonk.

Except for me, who was just playing the same old cheese that I always do, it was a night where DJs got to play stuff they never do anywhere else. Mike Who was going deep on the latin, cumbia, moombahton party vibes. Levin’s was having fun not playing hip hop for once. And Kato was just going ill.

I hope you burned some calories and had a good time doing it.

Download: Rye Rye – Shake It To The Ground (Toy Selectah – Cumbia Mix)

Download: The Champs – Tequila (A Tribe Called Red – Moombahton Remix)

Download: Choc Quib Town – De Donde Vengo Yo

Download: Young Leek – Jiggle It | Buy Me

Download: Munchi – Gracias

2 responses to “Photos: Badonkadonk at Goodgod Small Club

  1. Your unknown track is by Munchi.


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