Mike Who Does Valparaiso

Here are a few  photos taken mostly by my lady and a few by me from where my year ticked over into 2012. Valparaiso is a really Cool city about an hour and a half bus ride from the capital of Chile, Santiago. The majority of people in Valparaiso live a fair hike or short cab or bus fare up these amazing hills that  surround the port which is at the centre of the city.  The seafood is amazing, the vibes are good and the city has a totally unique charm to any other place i have visited in Chile. If your coming through Chile sometime this year or ever Valparaiso is definatly worth checking.

I was also pretty relieved to go to a spot that played an alternative to Reggaeton or top 40 cheese. There is a club in Valparaiso called La Sala. Three rooms, One Dancehall, one Grime, DnB and Dubstep and one Hip Hop. Beers were cheap, girlies vibing to good music and you can wear shorts.

Never have i been so happy to hear the Cosa Nostra Riddim.

MP3: Timberlee- The General

[audio http://www.box.com/shared/static/2qi3u9rks01vendfdyla.mp3]



One response to “Mike Who Does Valparaiso

  1. G’Day
    Happy New Year to you both. Hope you had a good one.
    Back to the grind on Monday 23rd.
    Finally got the net at home – hence the new email address. Old one is still okay. I want to try and skype from home.
    Love Dad

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