Carnival Envy

Carnival in Rio is something that i have always wanted to do, that day will come when i am not on a shoestring budget living day to day. Some might say its pretty lame not checking it while I’m living on the same continent, But really i wanna do it right.  I’m hopefully going to cross the border later in the year and get amongst this amazing and much hyped country and culture. Brazilian Music is such a gigantic ball of twine i wouldn’t really no where to start unravelling it. Instead i am going give you my First podcast from South America which i half talked about doing before leaving Sydney. I will attempt to cover other countries throughout South and central America over the next little while so watch this space. For now this podcast is all about some of the tunes in my Brazilian crates, I kept it short because there is so much ground to cover with Brazil so hopefully i can one day do a longer legit mix on all things Brazil. Happy carnival vibes to all those fellow travelers with enough loot.  I salute and envy you. Bom dia!

Mike Who South America Podcast Series Vol 1: Brazil


MP3: Jorge Ben- Comanche |

MP3: Ugly Duckling- Rio de Janeiro| Buy

MP3: Ana Rosely- Skim-Dum-Dum-Dum

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