20 Years of World Famous Beat Junkies

The Beat Junkies – For the Record from LRG on Vimeo.

This past weekend, the World Famous Beat Junkies celebrated their 20 year anniversary as a DJ crew. Performing to a sold out show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, Beat Junkie enthusiasts new and old, from near and far, all came together to watch in awe as the crew provided a rare group performance. Check out the video above to see their history, or fast forward to the 7 minute mark to get a taste of their supreme talent as DJ’s.  It’s worth knowing that the Junkies are  essentially the most talented collective of DJ’s around.  Most of them tour the world regularly, they’ve won DJ battles as well as rocked parties, and they still maintain a humble and welcoming disposition.

They’re not just great DJ’s either, J Rocc just put out a solid instrumental album last year and Rhett consistently gives out free gems. Listen to some choice cuts below.

J Rocc – Stay Fresh

Download: Rhettmatic – Punta Fuego

One element missing in the video above is Mr. Choc‘s towel. Real (sweaty) heads know what time it is.

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