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Taku – RE ϟ TWERK

Ta-Ku recently released a crunchy album that is definitely showing growth for the Perth based music producer.  Have a listen at Hey Justin below, the track is all over the place yet still quite cohesive, going from sweeping synths to drumline loops without missing a beat.  After checking that out, make sure to buy the whole thing over at  At fifty cents a track, it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Ta-Ku – Hey Justin

New Edit: Rick Ross – Presidential (LinoType Edits)

Rick Ross, famous for saying things like “UH” and “BAWS”, recently released a very solid new album, God Forgives, I Don’t.  I recommend it, if you like tracks with a lot of saxophone and sweeping strings, it will be right up your alley.  The standout for me is the Neptunes produced “Presidential”, so I decided to some edits for it.  Drop that transition edit when your done playing dance anthems and are ready to get into some 80 bpm grooves.

Rick Ross – Presidential (LinoType Transition 125-82)

Rick Ross – Presidential (LinoType Intro Edit)

20 Years of World Famous Beat Junkies

The Beat Junkies – For the Record from LRG on Vimeo.

This past weekend, the World Famous Beat Junkies celebrated their 20 year anniversary as a DJ crew. Performing to a sold out show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, Beat Junkie enthusiasts new and old, from near and far, all came together to watch in awe as the crew provided a rare group performance. Check out the video above to see their history, or fast forward to the 7 minute mark to get a taste of their supreme talent as DJ’s.  It’s worth knowing that the Junkies are  essentially the most talented collective of DJ’s around.  Most of them tour the world regularly, they’ve won DJ battles as well as rocked parties, and they still maintain a humble and welcoming disposition.

They’re not just great DJ’s either, J Rocc just put out a solid instrumental album last year and Rhett consistently gives out free gems. Listen to some choice cuts below.

J Rocc – Stay Fresh

Download: Rhettmatic – Punta Fuego

One element missing in the video above is Mr. Choc‘s towel. Real (sweaty) heads know what time it is.

San Diego Swervin

Hello everybody, this is Lino, reporting live from sunny San Diego. Shantan has recruited me to post some music on here to increase the global presence of his Stolen Records empire. I’ll start by showcasing some tunes from the underrated beat scene around SD.

Freddie Joachim

Download: Q-Tip – For the Nasty (Freddie Joachim Remix)

Freddie has been releasing records since 2006 and djing since 96. He definitely shows a throwback jazz influence, and on the whole his songs are just pleasing to listen to. It’s like sitting in the park on a warm day with a wine festival in the background. Definitely cop his releases on iTunes, but also peep his remix work that he regularly releases for free.


Question – Kush

Question is definitely in the same realm of Joachim, displaying strong instrumental arrangements that stand up on their own without any vocals. He is also an OG in the DJ game, spinning records since the early 90’s, and regularly releases fine tunes on his bandcamp. His sound is like two stepping at a jazz club on five dollar gin and juice night.

Mike Gao X Ta-ku

Download: Mike Gao – Ausgangsta (Ta-ku Remix)

Last but not least, Mike is the mad genius behind using beat boxing as a midi controller and tetris shapes as a jazz chord generator. His compositions show a technical flair, in that I am often mystified as to how he gets his chops to sound how they sound and his drums to swing how they swing. Since I am in California posting on this Oz based blog, I figured it was only right to post Gao’s song remixed by beat maestro from Perth, Taku.