Photos: Mac Miller & The Tongue at Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Photos by Averie Harvey

Another packed out show at the Enmore full of excitable young hip hop fans, coming out in force to see rising star Mac Miller. Like Kendrick Lamar recently, Mac Miller has been filling up rooms across the country with very little radio support. Hip Hop really seems to be popular at the moment as folks just seem to be more connected with what is popping in music more globally.

The 21 year old rapper from Pittsburgh, has been killing it in the States. Like the Beastie Boys years before him, he just makes hip hop that your average teenager who likes to party and get stoned can relate to. Frat Rap… kinda.

Anyways, Mac Miller’s show at Enmore went off. Great energy. The crowd was so into it, it felt like the place was sold out as the place went bonkers. He also did a heap of covers, including getting everybody to sing Michael Jackson.

Listen to Mac Miller Freestyle and Interview on Stolen Records…

Download: Mac Miller – Aliens Fighting Robots ft Sir Michael Rocks

Download: Mac Miller – Senior Skip Day

Download: Sole – Donald Trump In The New Guilded Age

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