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Episode #2342: Naiki’s Kanye Tribute

Listen to Full Show: Kanye Tribute, New Rap, Dancehall and DNB

A heap of new rap music and other goodies including a DJ Naiki sample vs originals Kanye West tribute. Jeaahhh!

Jovi Rockwell – I Got You
Joey Bada$$ – My Yout (Prod. By Chuck Strangers)
Fat Joe Feat. Action Bronson – Your Honor
The Lox – Summers Too Hot
K.Flay – Rawks
Ludacris – Jingalin
Meek Mill – Ooh Kill Em (Kendrick Lamar Diss)
Game – Hate It Or Love It
Bernard Wright – Haboglabotribin’
Snoop Dogg – Gz And Hustlas
Spit Syndicate – Sip It Slow (Remix) ft David Dallas
The Herd – Burn Down the Parliament

Reggie Stepper – Co-oonuh
Kanye West – Bound 2
Ponderosa Twins Plus One – Bound
Kanye West ft Dwele – Power
Continent Number 6 – Afromerica
Jimmy Castor Bunch – i just don’t wanna stop
Kanye West – We Don’t Care (Original Version)
Jay-Z – Girls,Girls,Girls Part 2
The Persuaders – Trying Girls Out girls
Jay Z ft Rihanna and Kanye West – Run This Town (Clean)
The 4 Levels Of Existence – Someday In Athens
The Doors – Five to One
Jay-Z – Takeover (Clean)
Kanye West & Jay-Z ft Frank Ocean – No Church In The Wild
Spooky Tooth – Sunshine Help Me
John Legend Ft. Kanye West – Number One (Club)
The Staple Singers – Let’s Do It Again
Kanye West – Flash Lights (ft. Dwele)
Curtis Mayfield – Little Child Running Wild
Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne champion sample
Kanye West – Champion
Kanye West – Stronger inst
Kanye West – I Wonder
Labi Siffre – My Song
Aretha Franklin – Call Me
Slum Village ft Kanye West – Selfish
Kanye West Ft. Consequence – So Soulful (Inst)

Chasm – Spades ft Monchichi
Skyptcha – Get Mine Lotek Remix
Konshens & Romain Virgo – We No Worry Bout Them
Tony Curtis – Number One Sound
Liquid – Nah Let Yuh Go
Tifa – Ex-Man
Natalie Storm – Mi Too Good
Lady Saw – Mr Short Cummings
Sk Simeon – Melbourne Girls
Sampology & DJ Butcher feat. Beenie Man – Dancehall Queen
Congo Natty – Jungle Souljah (feat. La La & The Boo Ya)
D. Kay & Epsilon – Barcelona (feat. Stamina MC)
Shy FX & T-Power – Yush
BENNY PAGE – Top Rank Skank (feat Mr Williamz)
Chase & Status Ft. Pusha T – Machine Gun

Listen to Full Show: Kanye Tribute, New Rap, Dancehall and DNB

Download: Meek Mill – Ooh Kill Em

Listen: Jovi Rockwell – I Got You

Listen: Kanye West – Spaceship

Insane B Latin Bombs EP

Insane B aka B Nice is a homie from Iquique, Chile,  He has just put out this killer Ep of flips of classic hip hop jams with a latin twist. 8 Heaters all for an essential download . No questions asked free download below…DON’T SLEEP!!


Download: Mos Def- Travellin Man (Insane B Remix)

Download: Q-Tip- Work It out  (Insane B Remix)

Kanye West Paper Craft | Watch The Throne Listening Party At The Beach

kanye west, washington, kings of leon, muse, sia, cee-lo paper craft doll
kanye west paper craft doll
kanye west, washington, kings of leon, muse, sia, cee-lo paper craft doll

What did you do today at work? This is the product of an Arts & Crafty day we had a triple j before the Hottest 100. You to can write off the rest of your work day. Just download and print out the paper doll below. Something for you to do while you listen to this ‘Watch the Throne’ record.

Listen: Jay-Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild ft. Frank Ocean

Listen: Jay-Z & Kanye West – Lift Off ft Beyonce

Listen: Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris

Purchase it: Get Watch The Throne

Click on Ye to download PDF…

kanye west paper craft doll pdf

Kanye West – All Of The Lights ft Lil Wayne, Drake & Big Sean (Remix)

Brrr! Brrr! Brrr! Put your hands up. Feel those horns. It is the Young Money remix of Kanye’s ‘All Of The Lights’ with Weezy, Drake and Big Sean. The original is so massive, but some how this remix is not nearly as killer as it should be. Please insert Nicki Minaj. Thoughts?

MP3: Kanye West – All Of The Lights Remix ft Lil Wayne, Drake and Big Sean

Spotted at: Karen Civil

OoOoOoh! It’s a Hindi Halloween Party!

I bought this red leather jacket recently. Totally unwearable. Thought it was the best thing ever, but I haven’t worn it once. I’ll just look like the Indian Michael Jackson. Not something that I think the girls of Sydney are ready for.

This week is both Halloween and FBi Radio’s ‘Instant Karma Supporter Drive’, where you sign up as a member of the station and we help you along in your search for Nirvana. At Stolen Records we are a sucker for a theme, so we thought we would combine it into a Hindi Halloween Party on your radio.

Here is a taste of what to expect…

MP3: Ms Scandalous – Kini Soni

MP3: Usha Uthup – Chupke Kaun Aya (Michael Jackson ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ Cover)

MP3: Run DMC – Ghostbusters | Buy

MP3: Whodini – Freaks Come Out At Night | Buy

MP3: Kanye West – Monster

Get Your Karma Up: Sign Up as a FBi and Support Good Music
Watch: Full version of the Indian Thriller

Kanye West Runaway Video Clip: Is it Shit or a Hit?

So the new full-length Kanye West video has been released.

If you have 35-minutes to kill have a look. I ain’t gonna lie, I only watched it so that when everyone else started talking about it, I’d know what they’re talking about. I’ll also admit, that sometimes the lines between crap and art get a bit blurry for me.

Whenever I hear of these long play video clips, I wonder what the hell the artist is thinking. I don’t give a shit about a 13-minute music video (let alone 30) and the only time you’ll probably be able to see it is either on the Internet or on Rage at 3am. I just wanna hear the song, maybe see some ass, a nice car, a cool stunt and something in slow motion. Under no circumstances should a music video become a short-film starring the artist and their friends. Case in point: Puffy, Ma$e and J-Lo did NOT need to make a ten minute recreation of True Lies with the track Been Around the World. No one needed to see that. No one.

However, when done right, a mini-movie music video clips can be quite neat (Thriller, Remember the Time, California Love, etc). I just don’t know where to put this Runaway video. I mean, I actually quite like some of the visual aspects; colours, set design, shots and the appropriate use of slow motion. But the dialogue is horrendous at best (he calls the phoenix “baby”), the acting was average and some parts just plain ol’ annoyed me (he took her to a party where they were serving bird!).

The ballet scene was stunning while the scene where they copulate or dry hump is forgettable. The way he soundtracked the clip was also on point with the ballet scene and the end credits (ha!) being the ones that stuck out most – although the auto-tune made me cringe.

Overall, it was aiight. And I bet if he cut the video in HALF it’ll still be aiight.

Rant: So Appalled – Kanye West Helps Me Bitch

Larry David is one bad-ass mofo (yep, that’s Vivica Fox hollering in the back) and makes a living telling funny jokes. But what’s not funny is the subject in question: product packaging.

Do you know what’s so appalling? Vacuum packaging or packaging altogether for that matter. Fuck this waste-conscious period where everything is sealed with minimal yet airtight packaging (and fuck the factory robots that are programmed to do so). I’m tired of being thwarted by packaged items that lack a tab, slit or pull-back flap to make opening as seamless as possible. I recently bought a pair of headphones and after an unnecessary period of time I finally broke into the packaging where my finger was promptly sliced open by a sharp edge of plastic. That shit is fucking ridiculous.

MP3: Kanye West – So Appalled ft. RZA, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz & Cyhi the Prynce

What do you think is so appalling?