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Bliss N Eso Live Semi-Freestyle Rapping (circa 2007)

I think this one was 2007. That is my guess. Bliss N Eso swing by the studio for some titty fart bum bum rhymes. Later some of these verses were released as part of songs on albums. Check out Bliss N Eso’s new LP ‘Running On Air’. Whenever I hear the title of the new album Joey Scarbury’s ‘Believe It Or Not (I’m Walking On Air)’ plays in my head.

Bliss N Eso Live Performance on Stolen Records (circa 2007) by Stolen Records

Tongue Freestyles and talks on Dudley Perkins collabo

Alternative Energy! New album from the The Tongue. He has cooked up some radcore shit. With production from Dizz1, El Gusto and M-Phazes, collabos with Ngaiire, Urthboy, Gift of Gab and Joyride, and The Tongue being a pretty alright rapper himself, we have a recipe for awesomeness. It is out September 10. You may be inclined to purchase it.

MP3: The Tongue – Innervisions ft Gift of Gab

Listen: Full interview and freestyle with The Tongue

Delta and Mojo the Cinematic Freestyle

Young DeltaNiceness. It was about a year ago when Adelaide’s Delta and New York’s Mojo the Cinematic (of Dujeous) came by the studio for a little chit chatter and some live freestyles. Total murderation.

Delta and Mojo the Cinematic Freestyle on Stolen Records by Stolen Records

Bonus Listening: Delta ft Mojo The Cinematic – The Greater Good

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Ozi Batla performs ‘Shoot the Breeze’

Mr Batla performing a live rendition of ‘Shoot the Breeze’ in the Stolen Records pimp palace. Catch Ozi Batla at the Stolen Records Gala Ball alongside Koolism, Thundamentals, Katalyst (DJ Set), The Optimen, Apsci, Loose Change, Daily Meds, Phat Chance ft The Coptic Soldiers and the Stolen Records Gangstaz on Friday July 16 at the Gaelic Theatre. It is well cheap $12 supporters / $17 non supporters / $22 on the door.

Get tickets: Stolen Records Gala Ball at the Gaelic Theatre
Listen: Full show including the rest of the Ozi Batla interview

Mirrah and Zig: Rap and Racialism

How do you react to racism? Anger, humour or ignoring it? I’ve called somebody a ‘Corey Worthington’ as the only thing I could think of close to being as insulting as a truly racist remark.

We talk with Mirrah and her husband, Zig, about racialism in Australia. One of things she says reminds me of the scene in ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil‘ where the blind character Richard Pryor is playing discovers he is ‘black’. “Does Dad know?”.

Look out for Mirrah’s new mixtape, ‘Life Love Music’, and let us know your experiences.

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Horrorshow and Spit Syndicate Freestyle: Circa 2008

Horrorshow and Spit Syndicate2008! Remember those days. Fiddy was still hitting, and since then the Klaxons have been reborn in a new form each year (MGMT, Empire of The Sun, Yeasayers).

Just young whipper snappers at the time, their albums still unreleased, both Spit Syndicate and Horrorshow’s Solo came by the studio to drop some live raps over ‘Get Money’ and ‘Golden Skans’.

Spit Syndicate and Horrorshow Freestyle on Stolen Records 2008 by Stolen Records

Cloudcast: Full episode with Spit Syndicate and Joyride
Video: Spit Syndicate interview and freestyle live
Freeload: Spit Syndicate – Weapon of Choice (Stolen Records Mix)
Tours: Spit Syndicate National Tour | Horrorshow National Tour

Sky’High grimey freestyle: Eshay Lad!

A little something for you Adlay’s to watch on repeat. The Sergio Tacchini Queen, Sky’High goes in on Stolen Records. Take cover.

MP3: Fame, Sky’High and Monchichi – Brooklyn Freestyle

Listen to entire show with Sky’High and Max Gosford
Cloudcast: Radio  show with Sky’High, Fame, Nine High, Kool Keith & Bonez