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Photos: Shimmy Shimmy Ya at Goodgod Small Club

Photos by Robin Hearfield

Ah, I had this whole plan of how my set was going to go, and then at the end of it I was going to be carried out the club like a god. But unfortunately my serato bugged out and died on me twice midset. Only after deleting a heap of Woody Allen and Disney films I had been downloading this week, did I continue problem free.

Beast of a night. Despite the rain folks came out in force, hungry for some rap music. Adit kicked it off with some tasty rnb and new hip hop gems.

I came on, fucked up the club with New Slaves midset. Gave it a pull up. Shit went off. White kids rapping that shit like they meant every word. Like it was their parents who experienced racism.

The homie Nacho Pop who saved my ass a few times when Serato committed suicide on me, came back on with heavy hitting, bass heavy club jams to really work out the Goodgod system.

And then Mike Who bringing it back with some old school hip hop gems to keep a significant the crowd hanging on till 4am.

We had fun. Hope you did to. Maybe we should do it again leading into summer. What do you think?

Listen: Busta Rhymes – Twerk Remix ft Nicki Minaj

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Episode #7993: Adit from Horrorshow, 2012 DMC Champ Clockwork, Minestrone Soup + Julia Gillard’s Knitware

Julia Guilard Knitting

After some time loafing around, me,  Janini Panini aka Baker’s Delight Special of the Week aka Celiac’s nightmare aka 2 Cups of Self-Rising Flour is baaaack!

This week’s ‘Sample Snitching’ original was the Ponderosa’s Special track, ‘Bound’. It was sampled by mad genius, North West baby daddy, Kanye “I Am  God” West on the very aptly named track ‘Bound 2’ off his Yeezus album. Keeping up with the “I Am God” theme, this week’s prize was a knitted Julia Gillard onesie with matching pom-pom laces booties plus a pot of my best minestrone soup. Janini Panini: Keeping Stolen Records listeners warm since June 2013.

Next on the deck was Adit of Sydney outfit Horrorshow. His smoothed out 30-minute set consisted of a little 112, Justin Timberlake (his good old shit!), Miguel and oh, so much more. He’ll be joining Nasi Goreng Shantan Wantan and Questionable Decisions Mike Who? this weekend at Rap Party Shimmy Shimmy Ya, details below.

With a fresh mixing finger injury on the nefarious FBi pinball machine in the Stolen Records greenroom, 2012 NSW DMC Champ turntablist Clockwork took to the decks. Holding it down and representing bedroom turntablists all around, Clockwork showed us a thing or two using only his fingers, one slightly bloodied. He was showing off and trying to shame my iPod DJ efforts to promote the upcoming DMC World Championship to which title he’s defending. Whatever. Nah, he took us old school, mixed it with some new stuff, then rolled in some classic ish. Set was dope!

See you this weekend!

Shimmy Shimmy Ya – A Rap Party feat. Nacho Pop, Adit (Horrorshow), Mike Who?, Shantan Wantan Ichiban

Saturday June 29, 2013 @ Good God Small Club

Only $5!!



Listen: Horrorshow – Unfair Lottery | Buy Me

Listen: Kanye West – Bound 2 | Buy Yeezus

Download: Ponderosa Twins Plus One – Bound