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Photos: Kendrick Lamar at Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Photos by Averie Harvey

Out of no where. Sold out shows across the country. No significant radio play. Only now they are starting to catch on. In this post record sales and post radio era, underground hip hop is just as popular as ever with a new generation.

Last night went off. Never have we scene the Enmore bounce like that with a crowd full of dedicated hip hop fans. Kendrick did a mix of both old and new material, which all went down amazingly and then ‘bam’ came out for a third encore. Massssiivvvveeee!

So good to see a young hip hop artist come out here, when they’re career is really popping, rather than wheeling out the same old geriatrics chasing 19 year old girls around the backstage.

Let us know what you think? Highlights? Who else do you want to see come out?

Listen: Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe (Black Hippy Remix)

Listen: Kendrick Lamar – Cartoons and Cereal

Listen: BJ the Chicago Kid – His Pain II ft Kendrick Lamar

Listen: DJ Khaled – They Ready ft J Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Big KRIT

Photos: Home Brew Crew and Young Gift and Broke at Civic Underground in Sydney

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Photos by Averie Harvey

The first hip hop artists to top the charts in New Zealand since Scribe did it with the Crusader in 2003, Home Brew are murdering it across the Tasman. With their extended crew, Young, Gifted and Broke, they showed us why they are number in Aoteroa at the moment.

Listen: Home Brew – Datura / White Flowers ft Lui Tuiasau | Buy Me

Listen: Home Brew – 55 Stories | Buy Me

Photos: Player Hater’s Ball: Destiny’s Child Edition

Photos by Robin Hearfield

Nothing groundbreaking, just a really fun party. Every second month the hippest covers night is held at Goodgod Small Club: the Player Hater’s Ball. This time round with the assistance of Alphamama, we payed tribute to Destiny’s Child, and craziness ensued. Never have we seen Goodgod that packed. The line for this party went out the club and down the street. People were willing to wait up to an hour, just to get into this party, and it was well worth it. Levins, Joyride and Alphamama really killing it all night.


Listen: Destiny’s Child – Jumpin Jumpin (So So Def Remix)

Listen: Destiny’s Child – Get On The Bus ft Timbaland

Download: Beyonce – Crazy In Love (Beatconductor Remix)

Photos: Outerspace + Jus Allah of Jedi Mind Tricks

Outerspace and Jedi Mind Trick Portraits
Outerspace and Jedi Mind Trick Portraits
Outerspace and Jedi Mind Trick Portraits
Outerspace and Jedi Mind Trick Portraits
Photos by Robin Hearfield

We have a backlog of these portraits taken in our make shift studio set up in the FBi parking lot. After an awesome interview and freestyle session, Outerspace and Jedi Mind Tricks (minus Vinnie Paz) posed for these pictures. Just one shot each, and it was perfect.

Listen: Jedi Mind Tricks & R.A. The Rugged Man – Uncommon Valor (Vietnam Story) | Buy Me

Listen: Brad Strut – Terrordome ft Outerspace & Trem (Trials Remix) | Buy Me

Podcast: Full show with Outerspace and Jedi Mind Tricks Interview & Freestyle