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Some Dirty Ditties & Mashed Potato Photos

Photos: Mashed Potato at Hollywood Hotel
Photos: Mashed Potato at Hollywood Hotel
Photos: Mashed Potato at Hollywood Hotel
Photos: Mashed Potato at Hollywood Hotel
Photos by Emma Daniels of Dear Pluto

I didn’t think they made dirty songs like these in the 1950s. I thought married couples slept in seperate beds and you would get stoned in the town square talking like this.

I am there trying to work out if the ‘Drill Daddy Drill’ song is just innocent, until I hear the line “set up your drill in the middle of my field” and “If the well runs dry we will use another hole”. It reminds me so much of Lil Wayne’s “Miss Officer” and R. Kelly “The Zoo”. Take a bad metaphor and just keep those shamelessly terrible puns coming.

I am going to be playing a set of more XXX 50s Rock jams at our Rock N Roll and Soul party, Mashed Potato, this Friday at Hollywood Hotel. Here are some awkward photos of people dancing by Dear Pluto’s Emma Daniels.

Listen: Dorothy Ellis – Drill Daddy Drill | Buy Me

Listen: The Toppers – Let Me Bang Your Box | Buy Me

Listen: The Swallows – It’ Ain’t The Meat | Buy Me

Listen: Connie Allen & Todd Rhodes & Orchestra – Rocket 69 | Buy Me

Event yo: More 50s and 60s jams and about Mashed Potato

Mashed Potato | Hollywood Hotel | Fri Dec 2

Mashed Potato - Hollywood Hotel
Hollywood Hotel was actually a perfect venue for this. Though it has a rather awkward dance floor, the place was filled with folks dancing around the small pub in Surry Hills.

Owned by former TV and Movie star of the 1950s, Doris Goddard, Hollywood Hotel seemed an appropriate setting for our Rock N Roll and Soul night. At the last one, Ms Goddard sat at the end of the bar for the early part of the night. Her only complaint, that we were a little loud. High praises from a woman who has been known to pull the power on DJs she disapproves of.

So we are doing another one of these before Sonny and Emma leave to Europe. Expect good music, lots of dancing, attractive hipster girls in rockabilly attire, and I promise Sonny won’t be doing any inappropriate scratching.

Listen: Dion & The Belmonts – Runaround Sue | Buy Me

Listen: Elvis – Crawfish | Buy Me

Listen: The Contours – Do You Love Me | Buy Me

Download: Los Apson – Satisfaccion (Spanish Satisfaction Cover)

More Rock n Roll: Here is our post about the last Mashed Potato

Photos: FBi 94.5’s Changing Lanes Festival 2011

Photos by the amazing Elize Strydom

Maybe it will all change next year, when Steve Aoki is confirmed to play the festival. But as it stands, Changing Lanes has one of the lowest Southern Cross tattoo counts of all the festivals on the Sydney music calendar. While there was a noticeable absence of shirtless bogans and 18 year old girls group dressing as sexy nurses, it did register a 9.3 on the Hipster Scale. It was definitely a much more ironic facial hair, vintage clothing affair.

In it’s second year, at a new location in Surry Hills, the festival is an easier, inexpensive, low key experience. The acts may not be as uber famous, but the crowds are a little less intense. It is more a day for enjoying drinks and sunshine with friends while casually taking in some live music.

Though I didn’t get to see heaps of the festival, because I was playing most of the day, my highlight was Joyride spinning in the hip hop room with impromptu appearances from rappers 360 and The Tongue. Joyride provided instrumentals by Mariah Carey and Ginuine, while they traded semi-battley freestyles.

Listen: Ellesquire – Ferociousness ft Tenth Dan | iTunes

Download: Oscar + Martin – Do The Right Thing