Yay Area Classics

Kid with Rabbit on leash showing gang sign
Tunes from the bay are heavily slept on over here, everybody gives me weird looks when i play Oakland classics, maybe that’s cause it’s Sydney right?. Here are some of my favourite jams to count my non existent Skrilla too..

MP3: E-40, B-Legit and Mac Shawn – Sideways

MP3: Spice 1 – Strap On The Side (Remix)

MP3: Too Short – Can I Get a Bitch

MP3: Total Devastation – Many Clouds

One response to “Yay Area Classics

  1. Well you now got 10sion (Jose Santana) from Daly City, CA. I entered him through FBi last week as a personal favor. He’s gonna get huge here , Fa Show!.

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