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Hostel World

Over the last week i somehow managed talk a hostel owner in chile to give me a job. I don’t really do that much, answer a few phone calls, respond to some emails and talk shit to other tourists about my wealth of knowledge on shoestring travel in South America. Long story short i sit on the internet generally being unproductive. So in the spirit of productivity i’m sharing some tunes that i have been playing too much today.

Download: Sammy Bananas- La Musica

L.O.T.U.G funky child sample goes rave, i would probably loose my shit too this if i was drunk and wanted to hear hip hop.

Download: Flosstradamus- Rollup

My 420 anthem from the other day, phone conversations in spanish were a struggle this day.

Download: Los Rakas- feat e-40- Pimpin Smokin Dro

Yay Area!!

Download: Outkast-Spottieottiedopalicious (Nacey Remix)

Sacred ground to rework but this is actually really awesome

Yay Area Classics

Kid with Rabbit on leash showing gang sign
Tunes from the bay are heavily slept on over here, everybody gives me weird looks when i play Oakland classics, maybe that’s cause it’s Sydney right?. Here are some of my favourite jams to count my non existent Skrilla too..

MP3: E-40, B-Legit and Mac Shawn – Sideways

MP3: Spice 1 – Strap On The Side (Remix)

MP3: Too Short – Can I Get a Bitch

MP3: Total Devastation – Many Clouds