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The Hommies High Times Mixtape

high times

This is a project that recently dropped from some fam in the far north of Chile in Iquique, a place i like to call my home away from home.

The Hommies fly the flag high for weed rap, sun, beach life and blissed out vibes that seem to go hand in hand with this part of the country.  Made up collectively of Art Biz, Okram, Jo$e Spaace, Sanel y Dj Bootleg aka Discos G, These are some talented dudes from a place you should def check into if your in that part of the world. 

Burn one down, check the tape and if your ever travelling through make sure you look them up, more than hospitable crew! 

Free download of their new project right HERE>> HIGH TIMES MIXTAPE

Play: The Hommies- Big Man Bizness

Play: The Hommies- James Bond

Mike Who South America Podcast Vol 2 Chile

So as promised i have come through with my second podcast from the South American Continent. I have been here close to 5 months now so i am actually a month late on this one, but hey i got employed, and also started teaching English classes in the hood. To reedeem my broken promises of bi monthly podcasts i made this one longer. This podcast is heavily rooted in hip hop in which Chile has a massive history, it also touches on, funk, disco, broken beats, tech house and bass music. There was not nearly enough time to touch on cumbia, dancehall, reggae and the more 4×4 based sounds coming out of chile. This podcast was super hard to narrow down. All tunes and production come directly from Chile. This is by no means even a look into the depth Chile’s rich musical history or current output, but merely a snapshot into my crates and tunes i love from Chile. Enjoy and please share with any Chilean fam or friends abroad.
Saludos, Mike Who.

Mike Who South America Podcast Vol 2 Chile

Next stop Argentina…

Freeloads from the mix

Download: Makiza- La Chuypaya 99

Download: Class Panoramica- Vamonos de viaje

Download: CEA- 2011ft. Bronko Yotte (Daniel Klauser remix)

Mike Who En Iquique Chile

This is basically a bunch of awsome photos of Iquique from my Bro over here. To check more of his photos follow here MrTontoJack. . Iquique Is a city in the North of Chile and pretty much my second home. I won’t ramble too much and instead let you check the photos for a slice of this beautiful city nestled in between one of the driest deserts on the planet and the Pacific Ocean.

As you can see from the last two photos there was a fire down the block the other day it was pretty heavy, but luckily nobody was harmed bar a little damage to the local Panaderia.

To add some icing suger to your Churros here are some Summertime jams that have been  been getting me through the recent heatwave. Saludos, Mike Who.

MP3: Yellow Man- Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

MP3: Emynd- Martha and The Vandellas X Hard Time Riddim (Emynd Blend)

MP3: Iamsu & Bobby Brackins – Goldens State (b.cause s-six version)

MP3: The Doveshack- Summertime In The LBC

Mike Who Does Valparaiso

Here are a few  photos taken mostly by my lady and a few by me from where my year ticked over into 2012. Valparaiso is a really Cool city about an hour and a half bus ride from the capital of Chile, Santiago. The majority of people in Valparaiso live a fair hike or short cab or bus fare up these amazing hills that  surround the port which is at the centre of the city.  The seafood is amazing, the vibes are good and the city has a totally unique charm to any other place i have visited in Chile. If your coming through Chile sometime this year or ever Valparaiso is definatly worth checking.

I was also pretty relieved to go to a spot that played an alternative to Reggaeton or top 40 cheese. There is a club in Valparaiso called La Sala. Three rooms, One Dancehall, one Grime, DnB and Dubstep and one Hip Hop. Beers were cheap, girlies vibing to good music and you can wear shorts.

Never have i been so happy to hear the Cosa Nostra Riddim.

MP3: Timberlee- The General

[audio http://www.box.com/shared/static/2qi3u9rks01vendfdyla.mp3]



Saludos desde Chile

Stolen Records fam and foreign correspondent Mike Who checking in to share some love from Iquique, Chile. If you didn’t make it to our party and my farewell sauna workout “Badonkadonk” at goodgod, you may not know that i am now living in Chile. Life is good, the people are awsome, weather is nice, and the food is great. It’s a Little odd not having to go to work or wake up for uni but i’m finding unemployment pretty satisfying. I’m going to try and post some tunes on the regular that i come across during travels. But to kick things off i thought i would share some of my favourite tunes from some chileno artits that i have been introduced to and stumbled across over there years.

MP3: Zonora Point- la Vida es un Mambo

MP3: Dj Raff- SCL

MP3: Makiza- la Rosa de los vientos

MP3: Anubis y Dj Dacel- En un dia de esos

Me and Carla saw an awesome 12 piece cumbia band of old dudes in matching suits playing Chico Trujillo covers on the beach the other night, and being the fool i am i didn’t have a phone or camera to record the awesomeness.. this film clip will have to do me justice.

The band covered this tune it was killer.

MP3: Chico Trujillo – Gran Pecador