Mixtape Mondays with Dj Moto

Today Mixtape Mondays  gets a little nostalgic. I decided to post Dj Moto’s Club Joint 3.5  all the way back  from 1999. Moto recently put this up on his page and memories flooded back. First things first before 90’s/2000’s Rnb/hip hop anthem sets were staple in every sydney club and before fools with popped collars requested “old school music”, Moto and the club joint fam did this all, over ten years before with wax and more flare and skills than the majority of sydney dj’s would dream of having.  Even though in high school i was nerding out on golden era 90’s boom bap these tapes blew me away and jiggy was inescapable back then. I remember stealing the club joint cd’s from my sisters older friends cars and trying to figure out how they rocked doubles. I also remember all the lawsuits with the club joint mix c.d’s and how they built their brand off those tapes. I’m sure purists will hate but but anyone that can make tapes with Beyonce/Ras kass/ Mariah and Nore in the same ten mins work have my props. These dudes all  had/ still have serious skills and played good tunes as well as jiggy stuff. Download this, go to Moto’s page and look for any other club joint tapes while your at it. Respect.

Dj Moto- Club Joint 3.5 (1999)

Some Freeloads because i’m nostalgic and generous.

Download: The Beatnuts feat Method Man- Se Acabo 

Download: Puff Daddy- I’ll for this for you

Download: Ras Kass- Dreams

2 responses to “Mixtape Mondays with Dj Moto

  1. really diggin the old skool vibe …sounding fresh tho mofo! big ups from Down under ..Kiwi styles

  2. This is awesome, thanks man
    How do I download so I can put on a CD. Do you have on his other originals?

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