Mike Who South America Podcast Vol 2 Chile

So as promised i have come through with my second podcast from the South American Continent. I have been here close to 5 months now so i am actually a month late on this one, but hey i got employed, and also started teaching English classes in the hood. To reedeem my broken promises of bi monthly podcasts i made this one longer. This podcast is heavily rooted in hip hop in which Chile has a massive history, it also touches on, funk, disco, broken beats, tech house and bass music. There was not nearly enough time to touch on cumbia, dancehall, reggae and the more 4×4 based sounds coming out of chile. This podcast was super hard to narrow down. All tunes and production come directly from Chile. This is by no means even a look into the depth Chile’s rich musical history or current output, but merely a snapshot into my crates and tunes i love from Chile. Enjoy and please share with any Chilean fam or friends abroad.
Saludos, Mike Who.

Mike Who South America Podcast Vol 2 Chile

Next stop Argentina…

Freeloads from the mix

Download: Makiza- La Chuypaya 99

Download: Class Panoramica- Vamonos de viaje

Download: CEA- 2011ft. Bronko Yotte (Daniel Klauser remix)

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