Mixtape Mondays with FourColorZack


I’m back from my shoestring euro trip broker than ever, which means i’m back at work which also means Mixtape Mondays is back. To kick things off we are going with one of Stateside’s finest, FourcolorZack’s  and his mix Weekday Warrior Pt 3. This got me through some long haul layovers and i’m sure you will all vibe off it. Dude has skills for days and and crazy way of making stuff that shouldn’t, work! Check the Evil Woman to Saturday in the park transition. BANANAS. Your mondays are now complete, go eat an icecream and dance. There are also a bunch of other amazing mixes on his soundcloud page worth checking. here

Download: Talking Heads- Psycho Killer

MP3: Garys Gang – Lets Lovedance (Danny Krivit Re-edit) 


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